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Adult Residential Services

CIS & H, INC. is an Adult residential care program incorporated in the State of Maryland in 2001 to provide habilitation and case management services to Adults above 21years old with developmental disabilities.

The mission and philosophy of CIS & H, INC. is to provide Residential Program services to adults 21 years old and above that will enable them to achieve their potential for independence and productivity while furthering their empowerment and integration into society.  Services are provided in a comfortable home environment within the community where the adults can be taught skills on how to live and grow independently in society.


The Residential services are designed around each participant's unique desires, interests, and needs, including needs for guidance, learning, personal development, self-fulfillment, and community inclusion.  We hope to assist the individuals with increasing their independent living skills in the most integrated setting possible in order to encourage each individual to build meaningful relationships with community members who are not paid staff and who do not have a disability. 


The scope of the services is as follows:

?  To provide a structured plan of care that meets the individual's physical needs and well-being, to include menu and meal planning in collaboration with a registered dietician, and the management of all medical needs and appointments.

?  To provide life skills training based on outcome of assessments in the areas of accessing community resources, conflict resolution, dating, decision making, money management, nutrition, personal hygiene and grooming, personal relationships, safety and time management.

?  To work with the individual and his/her team to develop and implement an annual person centered Plan based on personal preferences, needs, and interests, and to include measurable goals and outcomes.

?  To provide behavioral support services to address challenging behaviors identified in the person centered Plan and/or the Behavior Plan when present

?  To provide opportunities for indoor/outdoor recreation and leisure activities based on individual's needs and interests.  , to include visits to museums, parks, playing basketball, library, theme parks

?  To provide opportunities to enjoy all benefits of community inclusion, including diverse community outings based on preferences and interests.

?  To assist with financial management by mentoring and teaching money management skills, and by acting as the representative payee of benefits when necessary depending on level of need and the team determination of the most integrated setting.

Each home contains bedrooms, bathrooms, dining and living room areas, and staff offices where individuals' program and medical books are housed. Parks, shopping centers, community centers, libraries and many other points of interest are only minutes away from each home.


CIS&H Inc. have hired an Agency wide Registered Nurse who provide nursing services with the assistance of trained CMT staff at all the sites.

The nurse Monitor medication administration, schedule and monitor medical appointments and follow ups and generally take care of the health and well fare of all the individuals that we serve.

The nurse also provide MTTP classes to the staff in the Agency.


Our program is staffed according to the needs of the individuals.  Staffing ratios are generally 1:4, however it also depends on an individual's unique needs as specified in their respective person centered plan.  In addition, house managers are responsible for the day-to-day operation of each home, supervision of Direct Care Staff, and oversight of the services provided to individuals.  The house managers are on call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.  Direct Care Staff are present in the homes during the days, evenings, nights and weekends to facilitate services.  We also employ a full-time agency nurse to monitor medication administration and coordination of healthcare services for the residential program.

All staff must pass criminal background checks prior to employment.  Successfully acquire CPR and First Aid certifications prior to beginning work, and complete the core DDA required trainings within 3 months of the date of employment.  These trainings are available through sister agencies or conducted in-house by a qualified trainer.  Staff also must successfully complete training required to meet the specific needs of the individuals that they serve, as outlined in Individual Plans and Behavioral Plans.

-Staff will also be trained in monitoring and charting Daily Behavior data of all individuals with Behavior plan.

-Staff will also be CMT trained to be able to administer medication to the individuals through the Agency's nurse supervision.

As required by DDA regulations, all staff shall receive continuous education during each full year of employment.  We will accomplish the completion of these hours through the following:

  • Training updates from educational alerts as published by DDA and Office of Health Care Quality.
  • Individual specific training to prepare staff to work with people who have special needs.
  • Annual defensive driving classes for agency personnel who drive company vehicles and/or transport individuals in company or personal vehicles.
  • Regular medication administration reviews and retesting as necessary.
  • Updates on management of disruptive behavior provided by behavior specialist who develops/modifies behavior plan based on evaluations and assessments.
  • Video training modules have been ordered to help staff continue to build their information base and skills. Post-tests will be created to ensure that staff has understood the information presented.
  • Join MACS (Maryland Association of Community Services) network - advocacy group that is a conduit for sharing best practices and provide training opportunities for its members.


Transportation is provided for all medical appointments, social and recreational outings.  All of the staff are equipped with cellular phones for emergencies.  All vehicles are serviced periodically to ensure they are in good working condition.  Our drivers, who are generally direct care staff, must successfully complete courses in First Aid, CPR and defensive driving.  Additionally, the motor vehicle records of all agency drivers are checked annually.  The residential program will support any and all individuals who have the ability and desire to use more integrated means of transportation, such as public transportation, Metro Access, or self-transport via obtaining a driver license and a vehicle.


CIS&H currently supports 15 adults residing in Prince George's County.  CIS&H operates three 4-bed group homes.  Our residences are single-family homes located in beautiful suburban communities, including Mitchellville, Upper Marlboro, Suitland and Landover Hills.  Services also take place in many areas of the surrounding community.