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Community Supported Libing Arrangements (CSLA)


Vocational services, including Supported Employment services, will be offered in a way which will comply with all the Maryland applicable COMAR regulations and HCBS waiver.

In this climate of high unemployment and financial uncertainty, it become more important than ever those individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities continue to be integrated into life in ways that are ordinary and typical. In addition to working and earning a paycheck by the individuals, working provides opportunities for all of us to form relationships with people we might have otherwise never known, experience success and learn new skills. CIS&H Inc. goal is for each individual to have competitive paid employment.

Most of the individuals that we work with have significant behavior, psychological and/or emotional challenges every day which make it even more difficult to find and sustain employment:

CIS&H Inc. assessed these individual needs and provide highly individualized assistance, approach to job development,

Training skills,

Job coaching,

Find and match each participant to the right employment opportunity through research and contacts with various government agencies and private companies who are hiring,

Try to maximize available local resources as we work with each individual to help them realize their dreams regarding employment,

Assist during Participant-centered Planning (PCP) meeting to develop a person - centered plan that reflects the kind of life that he/she want to lead and focus on helping to achieve their personal goals.

CIS&H Inc is developing good business relationships with local businesses, to help provide varieties of opportunities for job interviews and potential for employment within our communities.


CIS&H, Inc. will provide a full array of services and supports to the individuals who choose us for supported employment services.

Supported employment services include but are not limited to the following support services as necessary to assure job retention:

  • Training related to acclimating to or acceptance in the workplace environment, such as effective communication with co-workers and supervisors and when and where to take breaks and lunch;
  • Training in skills to communicate disability-related work support and accommodation needs;
  • Training in accessing generic community resources needed to achieve integration and employment, such as workforce development services, higher education opportunities, social services, and;
  • Mobility/travel training to be able to used fixed route and/or paratransit independently.
  • Job skills preparation including, but not limited to: appropriate work attire, work place personal hygiene, resume preparation, interviewing skills and appropriate follow-up skills.
  • Specific job skill development.
  • Customized employment strategies like; job carving job sharing and task restructuring.
  • Developing a personal budget and managing a paycheck.
  • Developing and maintaining good work safety skills.
  • Developing appropriate workplace behaviors, including but not limited to; understanding and communication, talking instruction and directions from supervisors and developing health, productive relationships with co-workers. 
  • Understanding the importance of corporate culture in business
  • Developing time management skills including prioritization, meeting multiple deadline and appropriate workplace attitudes of loyalty, cooperation and dependability.
  • Developing appropriate workplace habit of punctuality, respect for other's personal and work property, proper use of work tools and equipment and efficiency.
  • Job development and customization.
  • Maximize use of local resources to enhance and maintain full participation in community life.
  • Assist individuals to participate in self-chosen recreation and social activities after working hours to help sustain a more balanced life.
  • Partnership with other governmental agencies such as DORS for our participants to get government jobs
  • A weekly data collection form will be utilized for each person served which documents community and site-based hours. The reason for site-based hours would be due to an unforeseeable event and be specified on the form. The forms will be completed weekly and approved by the immediate supervisor.
  • CIS&H Inc. has a facility in our Head office where some basic trainings in job skills are done. Some of the job skills are acquired while on the job at different facilities and in communities with staff coaching assistance.

Staffing and Training

Staffing needs will be identified in each participant-centered planning (PCP) and delivered as outlined. Staffing plans will address the health and safety needs of each individual. CIS&H, Inc. will provide staff who are trained and prepared in accordance with the Maryland COMAR regulations. Criminal history record check will be completed for all employees as outlined in COMAR and health - General Article, 19-1092 et seq., Annotated Code of Maryland and COMAR 12.15.03.

Our Staff will receive training in some of the following areas depending on the needs of the participants that we serve:

  • Seizure disorders
  • Behavior Principles and strategies
  • DDA core training
  • CPR, First Aid and Other trainings as needed

Accurate and up-to date training records will be maintained for every employee at the corporate office of CIS&H, Inc.

Transportation Services

Transportation to and from the supported employment activity sites shall be provided or arranged by CIS&H Inc. and funded through the DDA administrative rate for this service.

CIS&H Inc. shall use appropriate means of transportation, for the transportation of individuals with priority given to the use of public transportation.

Every effort shall be made to assist individuals to access public transportation or be transported by staff within the community or around the locality where services are provided.

Individuals who reside within walking distance of the program, who can safely walk to and from the program site shall be encouraged to do so.

In the event of a bad weather condition, illness, or other unforeseen situations, individuals will be assisted with transportation to their homes or use other available public or private means of transportation to take them to their respective homes.

Setting and Location

Supported Employment services will be offered in businesses located in neighborhoods and communities within CIS&H Inc. locality.