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Day Habilitation Services

CIS & H, INC. is an adult day program incorporated in the State of Maryland in 2001, and we provide Day Habilitation services to  adult ages 21 and above with developmental disabilities.

The mission and philosophy of CIS & H, INC. is to provide Residential and Day Habilitation services to adult that will enable them to achieve their potential for independence and productivity while furthering their empowerment and integration into society.  Our Main Office is located in Landover Maryland in Prince George's County.


The Day Habilitation services are designed around each participant's unique desires, interests, and needs, including needs for guidance, learning, personal development, self-fulfillment, and community inclusion.  We hope to assist the individuals with increasing their independent living skills in the most integrated setting possible in order to encourage each individual to build meaningful relationships with community members who are not paid staff and who do not have a disability.  These services will be provided in a manner that consistently upholds the rights and inherent dignity of each participant served. 


Individuals are supported depending on their goals, skills, and interests, and according to their annual Person-centered Plan.

Individuals who want paid work, are supported to gain skill sets that can enable them to do so through:

A)  Life skills trainings

B)  Communication skills trainings,

C)  Public Transportation training,

D)  Social skills/relationships and personal enrichment trainings.

E)  Budgeting skills trainings.

F)  Activities of Daily Living trainings,

G)  Resume writing trainings.

H)  Assisting them in completing and dropping employment applications and follow up.

There will be a modern computer lab with staff to assist individuals in learning new skills to increase their paid employment opportunities.

Our program also provides indoor/outdoor educational and social/recreational activities that allow participants to enjoy the benefits of being a part of the local community.  Some examples include: museums, parks, sporting events, physical exercise and gyms, libraries, theme parks, colleges/universities, farms, police stations, fire departments, airports, business areas, community events, etc.  These activities promote community inclusion and will expose participants to opportunities historically unavailable to people with developmental disabilities. In addition, outings will promote community integration by providing education and awareness, and by encouraging community members to actively build relationships with the individuals. 


Our program is staffed according to the needs of the individuals.  Staffing ratios are generally 1:5. However, the ratio can range from between 1:1 and other ratios depending on an individual's unique needs as specified in his SFP.

CIS&H Inc. will ensure that staff are trained in accordance with the requirements listed in COMAR and any additional trainings as specified in the PCP.

In addition, our Staff will receive training in some of the following areas depending on the needs of the participants that we serve:

  • Seizure disorders
  • Behavior Principles and strategies
  • DDA core training
  • CPR, First Aid and Other trainings as needed

Accurate and up-to date training records will be maintained for every employee at the corporate office of CIS&H, Inc.

All staff must go through a criminal background checks prior to employment, these trainings are available through sister agencies or conducted in-house by a qualified trainer.  Staff also must successfully complete training required to meet the specific needs of the individuals that they serve, as outlined in Person centered Plans and Behavioral Plans.

As required by DDA regulations, all staff shall receive continuous education during each full year of employment.  We will accomplish the completion of these hours through the following:

  • Training updates from educational alerts as published by DDA and Office of Health Care Quality.
  • Individual specific training to prepare staff to work with people who have special needs.
  • Annual defensive driving classes for agency personnel who drive company vehicles and/or transport individuals in company or personal vehicles.
  • Staff will updates annually their BPS by a behavior specialist who develops/modifies behavior plan based on evaluations and assessments.
  • Video training modules have been ordered to help staff continue to build their information base and skills. Post-tests will be created to ensure that staff has understood the information presented.
  • Join MACS (Maryland Association of Community Services) network - advocacy group that is a conduit for sharing best practices and provide training opportunities for its members.


Transportation is provided, or individuals are assisted with arranging transportation, to and from the day program, and for all community outings.  All of the staff are equipped with cellular phones for emergencies.  All vehicles are serviced periodically to ensure they are in good working condition.  Our drivers, who are generally direct care staff, must successfully complete courses in First Aid, CPR, and defensive driving.  Additionally, the motor vehicle records of all agency drivers are checked annually.  The day program will support any and all individuals who have the ability and desire to use more integrated means of transportation, such as public transportation, Metro Access, or self-transport via obtaining a driver license and a vehicle.


Our Day Habilitation services are provided in a nice location in Prince George's County. (1837 Bright seat Rd, Landover MD 20785) and around the area during outing activities or community integration trips.