CIS&H Inc Eligibility For Services Protocols

The Program Administrator and Admission Team coordinates and approves admissions


The Admissions Committee is comprised of the Program Administrator, Agency Nurse, Program Specialist and House Manager.  The Committee reviews the 818 Package and other information to determine child’s eligibility for placement.

CIS&H, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, creed, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, ancestry, or physical or mental disability.

Criteria for Admission:
  • Must be between ages 11 to 20
  • Individual's IQ must be below 70
  • Must be diagnosed with MR
  1. Referring party makes contact
    1. Mail:
      1. Admissions committee reviews information, (818 Package)
      2. Determine eligibility, based on admission’s criteria and child’s needs
      3. If placement is not approved, referring party is notified in writing.
      4. If placement is possible, notify referring agency of request for interview
    2. Phone:
      1. Referring party provides synopsis of 818 package
      2. An interview is scheduled, if admissions criteria are met
      3. The placement/referring agency is asked to forward 818 Package which includes most recent psychological, medical, and other helpful information and assessments
      4. The Admissions committee reviews information to determine eligibility and notifies placement/referring agency by phone or in writing.
  2. Interview
    1. Visit is scheduled during active program hours if at all possible so the applicant is able to observe operation
    2. Interview includes discussion of applicant’s interests and service needs, and tour of the facility
      1. Admissions Committee provides the Program Service Plan and our contact information.
      2. Discuss with individual, Parents or Legal guardians, CIS&H Inc. Visitation policy and phone policy.
  3. Acceptance Within 30 days
    1. A review individual’s record and service needs is done to help establish preliminary services
    2. Agency Nurse completes initial assessment
      1. Examine child
      2. Documents in the child’s individual case record any illness, fever, rash, bruise, or injury
      3. Take appropriate action as necessary
      4. Completion of CIS&H Inc. Admission documents as needed
    3. Admission ITM is scheduled.
    4. Individual Plan
      1. IP is drafted prior to ITM meeting
      2. IP date is determined (can be date of ITM meeting or considered an addendum to a previous IP)
      3. IP is implemented within 20 days of ITM